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Runny Duck is a free-to-play, funny, fast-paced, nerve-wracking endless runner for players of all ages.

The gameplay is addictive and complex, yet simple to master! The game is controlled using one finger; either you hold the screen or you don't - and the duck runs back up track or downhill accordingly.

While being chased by an enemy and impeded by obstacles, you'll find yourself collecting stars whilst trying to read the track and look for holes that you can jump through and use to your advantage.

Various power-ups will add extra points, extra life, give you a time-limited power shield or throw you a challenge to jump through a number of holes or catch the prey before the clock runs out.

The stars you collect and the holes you jump through are converted into coins, and you can use coins to prolong a game, to disable ads or to unlock new levels. A number of levels are available when you install the game and the remaining levels will be released at a rate of two per month until all 25 levels are open.

High-scores are maintained per level so you can always find a level to perfect.


Please write an email to support@brainphant.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


January 2021: Featured on GamesKeys' "IOS Games That Are Worth Playing"

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the powerups?
Medipack: Adds 3 extra lives - remember it is even worth sacrificing a life to get to it!
Giftbox: Contains either a bunch of stars or a challenge. A challenge is either to jump through a number of holes or catch a number of objects before the time runs out in order to be rewarded with a number of stars.
x3: Tripples all the currently visible stars so you can boost your score.
Force Field: Makes you invulnerable for a limited time so you can run through blockers without taking damage. If you pick up an extra force field while already being protected by one, the time will be extended.
I sometimes experience lagging when switching between the snow globe previews in the menu
This can happen mostly on older devices or if your device is busy running other tasks or programs in the background. The game needs to load all the resources for the actual level to create the preview, so unfortunately things can get a bit busy when switching between the snow globes. You should still be able to play the levels without a slowdown, though - once the level is loaded it should run fairly smooth even on older or relatively limited devices.
What are the icons in the setting menu?
Sound Effects: This will turn off clicks in the menues as well as sound effects inside the game.
Tutorial: The tutorial is always shown the first two times you play the game. The second time you'll be able to skip it early. After this the tutorial is turned off automatically. You can re-enable it at any point if you wish - for example if you want to show the game to a friend who hasn't tried it before.
Music: This will turn off the music in the menues as well as in the game. In this way you can listen to your own music while playing the game but still hear the sound effects.
Can I buy all the levels now?
When you install the game, 3 levels are already free to play and 4 or more additional levels have been released and can be bought for coins that you earn while playing the game - each star you pick up and each hole you jump through are exchanged for a coin when the game ends.
The remaining levels are released at a rate of 2 per month until they are all available. The calendar next to the snow globe will give you an indication of how long you'll have to wait for the level. 'Very soon' means within a week, 'Soon' means within a month, 'Later' means within 3 months and, well, 'Much Later' is after that. The last level is released before December 2019.
The snow globes keep changing position?
Yes, isn't it lovely? The globes are ordered so the last level you played is first in line. This means that you don't have to scroll through the long list of levels if you have a couple of favourite levels you play the most, they'll always be first in line.
The levels you haven't played yet are ordered by their release date.
Can I pause or quit a game?
Yes, tap the blue pause button in the upper left corner of the screen.
A dialog with two buttons will show up - tap the red icon to quit the level and return to the menu, or tap the green icon to resume playing.